The outcome of the Insight Gathering and Idea Generation module we did in January was this short video about how a first year at Dundee university uses photography. We spend the four weeks of the module trying out various interview and “insight gathering” techniques on our individual participants (a friend of a friend who had to be doing a different course from us) and learning all about them. This video is my consolidation of what I learnt. It ends with the five most important insights that I gained about her.

I used Apple’s Final Cut Pro to put this video together. Although I really struggled at first to get my head round the controls and what it was capable of doing, I found that I quite enjoy video editing with such a powerful tool… even it if is a bit tedious!

I also learnt a lot about lighting within films through the internet and by asking my friend Tom Bryan ( who is currently studying film, although I only learnt this in time for my last interview which is why the lighting is altered so significantly during the video.

Since creating this video I have become very interested in short films and have volunteered myself to help out as a runner on several final year students from elsewhere in the art school.

Thanks to my participant, Jodie Falls, for being such a help.

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