Along side our university work, I worked with two students from the Digital Interaction Design course, Rich Cahill and Petr Chutny, towards an entry for the 2013 D&AD Student Awards.

We chose to tackle the ‘It’s Nice That‘ brief (which can be found here) because all three of us are very interested in branding. Our solution tackles the issues around how people don’t take enough time to think and examine inspiring design they see online by physicalising the process.

Creative students would receive our ‘capture boards’ which look like the client’s website but with a cut out section through which the user frames something that he thinks is ‘nice’ on a mobile phone. He can comment on the capture by writing on it (ensuring that each ‘capture’ is worth something as the user is using up one of a limited supply of boards). Captures are then shared on the It’s Nice That website.

Although we did not win any prizes I felt that I gained a lot from working on the brief because it was the first time that I’ve worked on a project without any guidance from a tutor. It was a challenge to work on it along side university work but the time limit helped us to concentrate and focus on achieving an outcome.

Annotate your 'capture' by writing on it

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 20.02.07

Cut out the center of the 'capture'

The 'captures' arrive in a parcel

Frame your find within the 'capture'

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