As part of our colour theory module, we were given the opportunity to design branding for our university’s Formula Student team, DRIVE. I have recently been quite interested it what goes into Formula 1 so this was a perfect chance for me to explore the world of racing and race design.

I began by doing research into vintage racing images and retro futuristic graphics, creating this Pintrest board full of inspiration and also taking inspiration from the tiling we had done earlier in the module.


Dreamstime; Mikael Lugnegard; Jules Cheret; Ker Robertson; Buck Rogers

I began by doing a live trace of an image that caught my fancy online of the night racing in Bahrain a couple of weeks ago and applying it’s colours to the logo (which we weren’t allowed to change).

Photo Leaflet

At this stage, our designs were sent away both to a client looking for a hotel branding and one of the leaders of the DRIVE team and both selected my design as one of the top three in the class.

I really liked the style of this design but wasn’t sure about the colours as brown doesn’t usually convey speed and excitement. I decided to take the university blue and to try out a design that blue with orange highlights, still incorporating the sweeping curve of the road. I even did some quick painting to try to capture the colour fades of the curves in the road.


Photo Leaflet Colours2-01

I then stylised the curve, whilst still using a live trace of the F1 car (with edited colours to match the brand).

Leaflet Page3-01
Here was my initial attempt at applying the design to a leaflet cover. I used a gradient mask within illustrator to make it fade. I thought that the fade looked really good on the surface of the road but it was a bit strange to use two cars in the image.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.50.35

This is my finished presentation board. I alternated between using the car and the logo within the road motive and kept the colours and form similar throughout.

Now I just have to wait till Friday to hear if my design and branding has been chosen by the DRIVE team!

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