The first part of our Design Enterprise module involved forming groups of five and interviewing a business or group that we found inspiring because of their enterprising activities. I formed a group with product designers Iona Broadhurst, Dominic Bell, Duncan Gordon and Ross Cassels and we chose to interview Product Design company Bare Conductive.

Bare Conductive was founded by 4 post-graduate students studying at the Royal College of Art that came together through the creation of their own formula for non-toxic, electric paint. Their joint passion for creating accessible platforms that allow others to create with technology is what constantly spurs their company forward.

To get their attention I conducted a photoshoot and we used these photos to put together a simple but fun website to send their way.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 18.30.46

When Becky Pilditch replied to us saying that they’d be happy to meet us over lunch in their studio in Shoreditch the week after we were delighted.

We travelled down to London overnight on Monday night, interviewed Bare Conductive on Tuesday and travelled home on Wednesday night. Our time in London was inspiring and fascinating wandering round all the busy streets of Shoreditch and soaking up as much of the atmosphere as possible



When we returned from London it was time to get to work on our presentation. We aimed to have a concise presentation focused around the main points 99U’s Make Your Mark, linking these to our findings on Bare Conductive.

Some the points that Bare Conductive made that I felt I learnt the most from were:

  • “Seek out the people you admire and are inspired by and try to learn from them.”
  • You don’t need a business mindset, you’re still designing, you’re just designing something that designs products.
  • You need to know what you’re doing and what your goals are, but whether they’re laid out in a document with a summary is less important.
  • Doing things in-house at first helps you to understand a process and makes you a better customer to your eventual suppliers.
  • If you don’t know exactly who you are then how can you expect other people to figure it out?
  • You make the best decisions when you’re working with people who have completely different opinions as then you really need to justify yours much better.

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