Designing the Degree Show Exhibition – Advice for the new Fourth Years

This post is dedicated to the Social Digital fourth year class of 2017.

One of the key elements to your fourth year Honours Projects will be to work together as a class in putting on your Degree Show and New Designers shows at the end of the year. This blog post is a bit of a reflection on my experience as part of Social Digital 2016 last year, and hopefully will give you an idea of what’s involved.

This collaboration was to be one of the biggest challenges of my year: teamwork in the face of a huge amount of pressure to complete individual projects. Upon reflection however I realise now that it was definitely one of the most rewarding parts of my final year experience.


We began at the very start of the year by splitting every single class members into teams to deal with the various elements of the show. In my opinion this was a really successful idea as it continuously kept the “too many cooks” element to a minimum (inevitably there was always people who didn’t like how another team had done something, and our system meant that the people in each team always got the final say on their topic).

SD16 Teams

Oops, this chart is missing the “Web Team”

Above this was the “Team Leaders/Reps” team who met monthly or so to give general updates on how things were going. This was to ensure the bigger picture was always flowing smoothly.

This division created a really nice dynamic in the class from the very beginning. I remember being really excited seeing the Fundraising Team well underway in October

The Build Team

I took on the position of team leader/rep of Build Team so this is the role I can mainly reflect on.


The Final Space

That space ideally showcases, not only your yearlong efforts, but also your ability to develop synergy when you need it most, when the challenge arises and the task needs to be completed. – Marty Dunlop

Designing the Degree Show Exhibition – Advice for the new Fourth Years

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