This spring I was invited by the Pier Arts Centre, Orkney to take part in their exhibition, Innovators.

This was a fantastic opportunity to work with a team of skilled curators in displaying, and telling the story behind my work.

I discussed my artist’s statement with the team and we decided on creating a very hands on exhibition instead of the usual “don’t touch” displays. We set up a long shelf containing a series of different handmade pieces and craft projects that I’ve designed, including examples of my DIY phone charger kits that participants of my workshops have built. I took care to make it clear that every piece was not only to be picked up and played with, but that each of these pieces is actually something that the viewer themselves can build. Design should not just be done by designers but should be seen as everyday activity for ordinary people. My aim is to get as many people making and problem solving as possible and I made sure that the playful and accessible nature of the objects and exhibition in general reflected this.

Along side this, I had some pieces which I’d more carefully crafted such as my Made in China Light Design. This was an opportunity for me to showcase the fact that I can work very delicately to also make something beautiful and intricate.

Now that the exhibition has been all packed up, I’d like to say a huge “thank you!” to the team at the Pier Arts Centre! I really enjoyed working with you and look forward to any future opportunities to promote design and making in Orkney with you.

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