I'm a designer specialising in the topic of environmental sustainability.

I have worked with companies, charities and research bodies raising awareness of, and redesigning, the way we consume and waste resources.

My aim is to turn design from a tool used by consumer culture to a means of sparking debate and, most importantly, activism.

Clients and Collaborations

My previous experience includes running a sustainability focused co-design project and exhibition for V&A Dundee; consultancy with design company IDEO; and working with charities such as makerspace MAKLab and design educators Fixperts using co-design processes. I have also spoken on national media about my critical, anti-consumerist design work.

Research and Design

I have done extensive design and research projects in the areas of co-desing, critical design and futures [read more...]

Circular Economy

Having worked with organisations such as IDEO in London using Circular Design methods... [read more...]


I teach both young people and adults about design and environmental sustainability [read more...]

I'm currently looking for new projects and opportunities in Scotland and internationally.

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