Skill Share Dundee is a charity aimed at sharing forgotten crafts and skills within Dundee whilst also creating a community maker workshop. I have been part of the charity since moving to Dundee as many of it’s members share my passion and interests in reuse, recycling and repurposing objects to reduce environmental impact and save costs. Through Skill Share, I have learnt that the act of crafting something yourself can give you a much better awareness of the resources that go into our everyday manufactured goods. Skill Share has given me a huge passion to use craft to work towards a more sustainable way of living in the future.

This year I taught my first proper workshop at Skill Share: a workshop on Dream Catcher making. To prepare, I had to source most of the materials myself and also create a workshop plan to communicate my ideas to the heads of the charity. On the day, more people came than I initially expected and one woman was mentally disabled so it was challenging to teach her but also very rewarding as she really enjoyed herself. The other participants were mainly adults from the less fortunate areas of Dundee so it was really interesting to chat to them and learn about their lives. Challenges I had to solve on the day were to provide alternatives for the woman who was not able to do the typical dreamcatcher pattern and I was also surprised at the creativity of the participants so trying to push them to do something as personal as possible was something I had learn how to do during the workshop.











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