A Film about My Work for BBC Bitesize

At the start of the year I was selected to be one of four creatives to be featured in a series of films by Factory Films for the BBC Bitesize website. The ten two-minute videos will take school students through the creative process from gathering insights to presenting their finished work.

So on Tuesday I was flown down to London for a very exciting, “all expenses paid” trip to The Big Smoke.

We began early on Tuesday morning. The day started off with a two hour audio interview about how I work through my design projects, from getting inspiration to developing concepts. It was really interesting for me to be able to reflect on how I work through my problems. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share tips about how I’ve developed myself as a designer through always being reflective and the importance of making things to think through problems.

After a make-up and hair session, we moved into my lovely little makeshift studio to begin filming. I demonstrated the process of casting the ceramic pieces for my Made in China light design and showed how I soldered the lights together. I was stunned at how beautiful the shots were that the team were putting together of my work and my hands working.


After a lovely, healthy lunch and some pancakes (it was pancake day!) we moved over to the white space for some Alice in Wonderland style shots (which I believe will be edited with some fun illustrations and bits and pieces).

All in all, it was such a relaxed and fun day. I had a really good time, never feeling uncomfortable or under pressure, and enjoyed watching the expert team do their thing. The crew were always happy to tell me what they were doing and why, and I feel like I learned a lot about the power of film in storytelling.

Thank you for this experience, Factory Films. I hope very much that we keep in touch!

The videos can be accessed here:




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BBC Bitesize Analysing and Evaluating

BBC Bitesize Presenting your Work

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