I have worked extensively for museums and charities teaching design projects and craft sessions. These educational workshops has been a key part of my work for several years and I am working on developing a methodology that allows people to reflect on intangible issues though the making of objects.

Themes include:

  • Design education workshops getting both young and old people prototyping and solving problems by working with their hands. My aim is that, in seeing making and design as a form of activism, we can encouraging people to take ownership of the problems around them and, through this, to take ownership of our collective future.
  • Through teaching repair skills and creative projects in which participants make things from waste. I hope to raise awareness of the valuable resources still embodied within "waste" products they would otherwise throw away to encourage more circular ways of thinking.
  • I also teach craft, woodworking and electronics classes for local charities and organisations embracing the broader social impacts of working with our hands.

Previous Work

Running design workshops for young people across Scotland as part of the Scottish Design Relay for V&A Dundee

Facilitating workshops for Fixperts using their learning program to help young people imagine solutions to everyday problems

Running a workshop on sustainable design involving an electronics teardown and mini design-jam

Craft classes for local charity Skill Share Dundee

Design Thinking workshop for charity Galgael in Govan

Working at makerspace MAKLab in Glasgow developing their educational and workshop program